Surveyors of Uganda
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PRE-AGM 2017

PRE-AGM 2017

Pre - AGM conference at Imperial Golf view Hotel Entebbe 2017

ISU Council 2018/19

ISU Council 2018/19

Council's Coutersy visit to the Commissioner Surveys and Mapping

President of the  Institution of Surveyors of Uganda

ISU Pre AGM Conference

ISU Pre AGM Conference

ISU at the Pre AGM conference at Imperial Golf View Hotel Entebbe from 28th April 2017.

Objectives of ISU

The Objectives of the Institution are as follows:

  1. To secure the advancement and facilitate the acquisition of that knowledge which constitutes the profession of a surveyor.
  2. To promote the general interest of the profession and the Institution, and to maintain and extend their usefulness for public advantage;
  3. To consider and determine matters of professional practice and conduct;
  4. To act as the voice of the profession in matters affecting its relation with Government and Public bodies and with the public generally, and particularly to advise Government before the issue of work-permits to foreign surveyors:
  5. To nominate representatives of the profession to Boards and Committees on which representation of the profession is required and desirable;
  6. To organize professional meetings and activities;
  7. To establish and maintain scales of professional fees and charges for all members;
  8. To advise on educational developments for the profession and to arrange for professional examinations;
  9. To promote, maintain and protect the standards of the surveying profession in Uganda;
  10. To provide a channel for the collection and dissemination of information relating to the profession, and
  11. To act in liaison with other professional bodies in matters of common interest.

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