Surveyors of Uganda
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PRE-AGM 2017

PRE-AGM 2017

Pre - AGM conference at Imperial Golf view Hotel Entebbe 2017

ISU Council 2018/19

ISU Council 2018/19

Council's Coutersy visit to the Commissioner Surveys and Mapping

President of the  Institution of Surveyors of Uganda

ISU Pre AGM Conference

ISU Pre AGM Conference

ISU at the Pre AGM conference at Imperial Golf View Hotel Entebbe from 28th April 2017.

Land Surveying

Land Surveying – the science and art of determining the dimensions and contours of the earth surface, using measurements of distance, direction and elevation; the setting out of lines and grades needed for the construction of buildings, roads, dams, etc; the science of delineating property boundaries and physical features of the earth; and survey of mineral properties; and the computation of areas, volumes and other quantities; as well as the preparation of maps and plans.

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