Surveyors of Uganda
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PRE-AGM 2017

PRE-AGM 2017

Pre - AGM conference at Imperial Golf view Hotel Entebbe 2017

ISU Council 2018/19

ISU Council 2018/19

Council's Coutersy visit to the Commissioner Surveys and Mapping

President of the  Institution of Surveyors of Uganda

ISU Pre AGM Conference

ISU Pre AGM Conference

ISU at the Pre AGM conference at Imperial Golf View Hotel Entebbe from 28th April 2017.


The Council may elect as a Student Member at and during the pleasure of the Council, any person who:

  1. Has attained the age of eighteen years.
  2. Is a student of an approved educational establishment.
  3. Has attained an academic standard approved by the Council.

Student Membership shall be limited to a period of study in a tertiary institution approved by Council.

Student Members shall have the right to attend any General Meeting of the Institution and may vote at such meetings. They are not eligible for election to Council or to any office of the Institution. They may however elect a representative to Council.

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